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Classes and Workshops

We provide classes and workshops for individuals, groups, and departments. Choose from a variety of timely topics or let Ryan Gallik & Associates create a custom program to meet your needs.


Your Department has recurring needs for support of the Safety Committee, Peer Support Services, and Safety, Health, and Wellness Instruction. Employ our methods to keep your team on track throughout the year with quarterly sessions.

How to Avoid Predictable Surprises

Most surprises are predictable, and nearly all of mishaps, incidents and accidents occurring in organizations are preventable. This program will guide you to identify and mitigate problems lying in wait in your workplace. This influential workshop will encourage you to evaluate your current safety program, or if you don’t have one, it will ignite your personnel to become engaged and want to begin developing and participating in your safety program. How to Avoid Predictable Surprises will help you avoid unnecessary occupational injuries, illnesses and exposures by building a safety program that is proactive rather than reactive.

  • How to establish, maintain and administer an effective safety program

  • Designing the agenda and minutes

  • Risk Management Process

Silent Mayday

Clinician Edition

MAYDAY, MADAY, MAYDAY… First Responders are dying by suicide at a greater rate than line of duty deaths. This workshop will provide you with an opening on gaining cultural competency to working with first responders.

This program breaks down the culture and traditions of Emergency Services and allows the Clinician to have a seat at the kitchen table.

Those working in Emergency Services are part of a “closed system” that doesn’t allow outsiders in. Our informational workshop will provide you on how to break through barriers and strengthen your reach to save first responder lives.

  • How to advance in gaining cultural competency to working with first responders

  • Learn how improve your emergency services communication process

  • Learn on Industry best practices / standards

The Mental Hygiene ProjectTM

Stressed to Silence… More than 45,000 people complete suicide every year in the United States. Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death in First Responders. The Mental Hygiene Project™ is a program that influences employers to begin providing mental hygiene programs that begin with on-boarding and are sustained throughout the employee’s tenure. This workshop also provides insight on how to build a mental health steering committee team that focuses on mental hygiene of all employees to ensure the culture is one free of judgments, assumptions and stereotypes.

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase creativity & innovation

  • Decrease absenteeism

The Peer Support Team . . . The On-Going Assessment

Often organizations send their employee’s to become trained as Peer Support Members and rarely implement continuous training / quarterly meetings to maintain accountability, sustainability and growth. This workshop will provide your peer support team members with critical information and tools while they’re providing psychological first aid to employees during their time of need.


Safety, Health, and Wellness Instruction

Safety & Health Program Development

Your Safety and Health Program should proactively work to reduce injury, illness, exposure and diseases to all employees. Having a structured framework gives your safety committee direction, understanding, and influence about why programs exist and the shared goals for the path forward.

Development covers:


  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Core Values

Organizational Processes

  • Safety & Health Policies

  • Programs

  • Reports/Analytics

  • Documentation/Forms

  • Systems & Technology


  • Marketing

  • Bulletins/Articles

  • Intranet

  • Social Media

Safety Committee Coaching & Facilitation


We provide the tools and guidance to create a successful Safety Committee. As part of the coaching service, we help create short-term and long-term goals with a vision for improving the day-to-day safety of the crew members.


This includes more hands-on and shadowing of existing Safety Committee members. Facilitation by Ryan Gallik & Associates can be used as a refresher for quarterly or bi-annual sessions.

Peer Support Services

Development of Peer Support Core Values, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement

The Peer Support Team serves a critical role in providing non-clinical direction to peers who want to achieve long-term success with mental health challenges. Oftentimes, many teams don't have shared values and a position statement or a position statement to show their why, how, and what. Developing these core values, a mission statement and vision statement aligns everyone with shared goals and direction. 

Peer Support Quarterly Meeting Assistance

It’s vital to have scheduled quarterly meetings that are lead with a influential message that not only brings insight and educational information, but also one that brings mindfulness and resiliency techniques for those serving on the team. Many of your Peer Support Team Members are rank in file personnel that experience trauma on a regular basis, and then experience the trauma that others face. Having an experienced Peer Support Team Leader work with your team can bring mutual benefits to both Peer Support Team members and Employer.

Peer Support Services

We offer several training programs that can bring advanced training to your Peer Support Team Members. The training programs can cover the following:

  • Family Situations

  • Family Support

  • Line of Duty Support Services

  • Acute Stress Reactions

  • Depression and Grief

  • Stress Management

  • Substance Abuse

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