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Steady the Ladder so Your Department can Climb Even Higher

Imagine a ladder laying on the ground, serving no purpose other than a tripping hazard. Ryan Gallik & Associates assesses the risk and makes an observation of any ground obstructions (reasons we couldn’t pick the ladder up and begin moving forward), and soon after, we assess for overhead obstructions. Once we determine we’re clear of ground / overhead obstructions, we strategically place the ladder in a position that is secure and will soon provide us with the ability to make the the rung by rung (step by step) process to reach our objectives. First, we must review the anatomy of the ladder. If you look at the ladder, we have two supporting beams that are perfectly parallel to one another. This represents labor and management. Without the two supporting beams, the rungs would fall and not allow us to reach our objectives.

RGA Ladder copyright 2019

Is your organization stuck in a state of complacency?

Do you feel that your workers’ compensation claims / cost trends are continuing to climb?

Have you exceeded your overtime budget due to too many employees being off due to injury, illness and exposure?

Allow Ryan and his team to use their expertise and experience to guide you through this strategic process of consulting, coaching, and mentoring. Using our rung by rung process, you will begin to see short term successes and long-term achievements.

Silent Mayday
Ryan Gallik, Author

Ryan’s debut guide is the book clinicians have been waiting for. It breaks down the culture and traditions of the Fire Department and allows an outsider a seat at the kitchen table.


If you have responsibility for providing fire and rescue, emergency medical, or law enforcement services, and are looking for some assistance in achieving high-performance safety programs, please let us know – it would be an honor to help.

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